I accept the terms and conditions regulating the use of services provided by “EasyDropAndGo”

  • CCTV 24/7, all year long.
  • In the unlikely event of theft or vandalism, luggagesare insured for 250/300/500 euro depending on the size of the locker (small/medium/large)
  • The following items are not allowed for storage: jewelry, money, precious metals, guns, animals, perishable goods, dangerous/hazardous material, flammable material, drugs, and any other illegal material
  • Access to the locker facilities is allowed for the sole scope of storage.
  • Access to the locker facilities is always allowed to the management team and staff, and the police
  • The client can claim forgotten luggage within 30 days from the deposit date.
  • The cost of return of forgotten/non-claimed luggage will fall on the customer and be deposited in advance.
  • Non-claimed luggage will be discarded after 30 days from the deposit date